The 300: Let them fail

This is test trial for new series the 300! In the first article, we will talk about shortcuts! How those it work?
I have 300 worlds to present my idea, suggestion technique.
the accepted margin of error is +/- 25 words.

The article starts now!:



Bret Weinstein Has interesting idea called „near-miss theory” Basically people learn best from events where the danger is real and actually they were a step away from disaster.
In software development, we like to Fail fast.
Same in research you want your thesis to be falsified as fast as possible so you can revise it.
But when we teaching new members, we quite often are sheltering them. We can’t let them fail. „Fix that it won’t work!”, „You can’t do it like this!”, „You see this will fail”, „That is not how we do things” – We can explain but do you remember the teaching pyramid (link)?


Experiencing is the best way of learning. So we have to find a way for them to fail. Of course, the question is how? You won’t allow them that on an expensive project where consequences are dire.
I have no answer yet. But I think some internal low-risk project. Are the good point of start.
But there is your responsibility as a teacher. You have to be able to provide a semi-safe environment to fail. Why semi-safe? Remeber near misses theory? If you make it to safe they won’t learn as much from it.

Also, there is another reason you need to be there and help them learn from their mistakes. Not always they can learn on your own. Sometimes you are just to deep in the problem to understand what you are doing wrong.
Believe me, I know – There is something, in my private life that I am constantly screwing up for at least half a year now. I don’t know why I don’t know how, and I don’t know what I can do to stop screwing it. And the worst part is I don’t feel safe with asking for help. You don’t want your prodigies to be in such a position. They have to feel safe with you.


Article finished!

Exactly 300 words! What do you think? Do you want to give it a try?
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