The 300: Learn your shortcuts!

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This is test trial for new series the 300! In the first article, we will talk about shortcuts! How those it work?
I have 300 worlds to present my idea, suggestion technique.
the accepted margin of error is +/- 25 words.

The article starts now!:

Click Menu, Click file, click save.
or Ctrl + S ?
Yup cheap shot almost anybody knows this shortcut,
I won’t convince you to learn shortcuts in your IDE; chances are you know them already.

However, do you know that lots of other tools you use even on the web also have shortcuts?
Jira, Outlook, Sharepoint, Testrail… The list goes on!

You only have to spend some time to learn them; it is like TDD you are investing time in front to save more time in the long run.

There are few technics to learn new keyboard shortcuts:

  • Disconnect Mouse – It will also help you to check the accessibility of your application.
  • Stick notes! – In the past, I had my computer covered with stick notes with most essential shortcuts for apps I wasn’t using regularly.
  • Print Cheatsheet and put it under keyboard – it will be easily accessible, the downside is Coffee stains and doodles you will write on it.
  • Flash Cards! – Yes, they are mostly used for learning words and terms! That is why I have muscle memory challenge for you. Instead of saying or thinking the answer, press it on the keyboard!
  • One combination a day! – select something in the morning and try to use it for the whole day!

That all! I don’t know any more ways to learn shortcuts! What about you? Do you have other methods for learning shortcuts? I will gladly hear them.

That all here are few of my favourite shortcuts for windows:
Win + Arrows – move windows
Ctrl + Win + D – Create new desktop
Ctrl +Win + Left/Right – Move between other desktop
Win + R – Run
Win + L – Block computer.

Remeber! Shortcuts make you faster time spent learning them will pay off!

Article finished!

Exactly 300 words! What do you think? Do you want to give it a try?
Follow this category for more 300 articles in future!

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