300: Learning Python

I am learning python,  well more like relearning I was learning it during studies but never used to much of it.


Pycharm IDE
Pycharm works like a charm

Now after years of C# and Java, I had also used Ruby, but I will admit I never fully embraced its paradigms. I liked it but quite often set up it was a pain.
I knew the author of Ruby like python but wanted something more object-oriented.


Anyway so how is python?
I like it, writing in it is faster than in C# or Java.
An interpreter is also an excellent tool, it allows for much faster experimentation
I don’t need to create a whole project, or even class to test the idea
I can do it from the command line.

What I can’t get used to is indentation as part of writing functions.
I like it forces you to write proper readable code, or it won’t run.
Same goes for ifs they are much simpler to write instead of long
else if you have four-letter: elif. Now it is not as important in an era of IDE, but in the past, I am sure it had been useful.

But I still can’t entirely get used to it.

There is still much I need to learn before I will be able to use this language well. For now, I am using HackerRank as a learning tool, I was hoping to be able to look by code written by experts and then learn from them, but in so far in the task, I took that wasn’t the case.

I will continue learning python, but I will have to improve my learning strategy.

And What about you? Do you know python? Do you have any tips?

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