January in Retrospective.

4th February is a year since I came back to Poland, and 12th February is A year since I Joined Objectivity. So I decided to make some small retrospective

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What Happened in January?

4 post on my blog. It was refreshing to write more technical posts.
Connected to selenium webdriver: two posts about debugging, one post about configs, Which there is one more incoming about how to deal with configs in .net core – but I need to do little more research on this subject.

Nuget package

I have developed my first nuget package, At the time of writing it has about 50 downloads.
I need to work on more documentation and test coverage, but I am quite proud of it. IF you want to use it and have some functionality request you can leave them in a comment here or on GitHub.

Guest Article.

It took some time (nearly two months) but I have written gust article one of polish zin. Unfortunately, I don’t know publishing date yet.
Also, I have updated this amazing list maintained by rShatty with few test podcast I think are worth listening to.

Plans for February:

I will be on test:fest.
Which there is one more thing. As you noticed. My series on Tools Research is on Hiatus. This is because I have suggested to Objectivity to do this as a workshop on the test:fest. It is interesting to challenge for me because I won’t be leading this workshop. But I am kind of product owner of the project.
So to help with this endeavour I decided to put this series on hold. It will resume in March.

I will have probably much smaller output of articles in February. There is one reason. I am doing research for a presentation I will have in March and April.

That’s All for now.

And How did your January go? Did you do anything interesting?

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