Retro of the week #19 Whats with PWA Performence

Another week another retro. This time PWA performance is on my mind. Also in case of mind maps this time I am testing Xmind zen. As you will notice by the watermark of the test version.

Mind map for week 19

The Question of the week: PWA Performence

How to test PWA Performance on mobile devices? This is subject that come to prosperity some time ago for me. Note I am not performance specialist put this subject came on my radar.
The first step is Lighthouse – which does Static analysis including aspects important for performance.
But what next. Here is split opinion Radek Smiglin in his article claims it is no different the testing normal web performance on mobile. But talking I have heard other opinions that the way normally web performance for mobile is handled may be misleading.
I need to play more with PWA before I can make up my mind.

The Article of the week:

Since a year or so I am asking my self what the role of the senior is. This article put it in an excellent perspective.

The Experiment of the week: XMIND

  • Seo experiment is in progress still too early to say.
  • Keto experiment – on hold. I need to learn more.
  • Weekly experiment. – I didn’t do anything worth mentioning. But I did prepare some materials to experiment next few weeks.

Well, there is one as part of looking for my new mind mapping tool.
I decided to try Xmind zen.

I like that it has the functionality to touch bar in Macpro.

Maps are nice but not as bea


utiful as in mind.
BUT it has windows version!
And much better shortcuts

But Adding stickers and icons to elements is still a pain. I really wish for tools that would support it in way slack does so I can type 🙂 and smiley face happens or :star: and there will be the star.

But adding colures is a little simpler than in Xmind 8 which is a great plus.
Overal my most important grape is. A subscription-based model I am sorry, but I don’t like this model. I am willing to accept it for Grammarly and Resharper but not for much else.

But so far this tool is leading the race. Mindly looks little nicer and is cheaper, but this tool wins in functionality.
Also, the constant reminders that it is trial version makes me more annoyed and willing to buy a different tool just because I think it is an unethical practice.

Events of the week:

I was on PMI Toastmasters #7 theme was spontaneity. And I think this theme helped fix some issues I have seen last time. I am still not fully sure what to make of it, but I will go on few more meetings if my schedule lets me.

Due to some free time in work, I volunteered to take over, leading API workshop from Test Architect who was to busy.
I regret that I had to work on someone else material but its material was excellent class and it was the new experience for me.
We (me and another presenter) did cut some stuff away, and we added some of our stuff. There were some stutters, but it went quite smooth.


Last but not Least on Friday was my Last official meeting with my Mentee as part of Tech leaders program. I made some mistakes, but I think I did pass some valuable knowledge and advice to her.
I will write some article summary next week. Afer I will go to the official closing ceremony.

State of the blog:

I had released new flower this week
Poll results are next
After that summary of tech leaders.

And How did your week go?

Did you read something interesting? Or there are questions connected to testing that are on your mind?


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