Retro of the week 15 Gallup

Still no net at home. I’ve started a new job so far I am still getting into ropes I will have some post about it in future. Also I did  Gallup Strength Finder

The Question of the week:

How much is there science behind Gallup Strength Finder? In the past, I was a fan of different personality tests. But lately, I am growing more and more sceptical. I was asked to do Gallup Strenght finder test. And as much as I agree with results (i will do a post on it later) I

The Article of the week:

Warning Vulgar content!

As much as I am trying to avoid to put vulgar content here. This one is worth mentioning. Cause it shows you that will a tinny bit of ingenuity you automate anything.

I especially like the script that is scanning email box for the specific combination of keywords (sorry, problem,) and email address (belonging to some troublemaker) and if finds a much automatically restores stage DB from backup.

The Experiment of the week:

A lot I am trying to find the best way to get from home to work.
And In work I am experimenting with Java – I haven’t used it since 2011.

The Keto Diet Experiment.

I am still failing at starting my keto diet.
My problem is I still know too little about what I can eat on keto – this weekend is time for changing it.

What going on with the blog?

I have no internet at home which means writing blog posts, and research for them is… difficult. But I hope it will change next week.

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