State of the blog – September

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State of Blog

First Sorry for not posting last week I had a little to much work in and outside of work.
Mostly because conference season starts for me:


This weekend I will be at TestCamp where I will be speaking about mob programming and how useful it is even for testers.

Then I will be on a few more conferences.
And my season ends in November at TestWarez, I have mentioned in past that I took part in CFP, and I was part of the previous edition.
I have fond memories of that event, this is the place where I finally made my decision to come back to Poland. And I have met there my Friend Kamila Mrozek, who recommended me to work for Objectivity.

So you can expect quite a few events reports in oncoming months. If you want to check my full event callender it  is here.

New serias!

Lastly, by not least some discussions I had led me to decide to create mini series „about tools” – what does it mean? I will retroactivly rework my previous post to be more of an introduction to the subject. And rest will follow.
And Yes They all will be in 300 style!

That all for today!

Disclaimer Part of this post was sponsored by SJSI

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