Retro of the week #14 – Tester in Week of moving stuff

I am finally back in Poland. I have nearly finished unpacking.
And I am to start a new job on Monday.  Also, I am Tester worth observing 😛

The Question of the week:

Nothing worth mentioning sorry.

The Article of the week:

First Self promo: publicised their list of testers worth observing in 2018 somehow I am on the list. Those who read my retrospective of 2017 knew that was my goal for 2019.

Now the real article worth mentioning is this:

„Never go from a job – always go to a job.” – since tomorrow I am starting a new job this advice is essential to me.

The Experiment of the week:

I am want to start a keto diet. Cause I am curious about its effect on the mind. So far I am failing miserably on this. Lesson learned starting a diet when you are moving is not a good idea.

Anyway probably I will add section on this to my next retros


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