Retro of the week #18 Biscuit SEO of Mindmap

Another week has passed. This time we will talk about mindmap and SEO.

mind map of subjects for this week
MindMap for this week click to open in new tab

The Question of the week:

How to keep your voice in the world of templates?
As you read more in experiment s.ection, I am trying to improve SEO of my blog. And to be honest, I not sure if I like it.
Some of the changes for so seems to go against my blog identity.
At this moment I am still making my Blog focused on my readers and my style of writing.
Toastmasters meeting also added fuel to the fire. Since I have a feeling that all regulars have got rid of their style to adopt the same template.

The Article of the week:
I love the fact that lately, I am finding more articles about testing and science. In this joe podcast, there were quite a few interesting ideas. Especially biscuit testing
The Experiment of the week:
I had finally sat down and did some SEO work for my blog.
We will see how much it will improve traffic.

The Experiment of the week:

There are two, and both won’t finish this week.
First, one is my mindmap tool Xmind 8 is pissing me off, it is unstable, and the colour edition is annoyingly complicated.
I had one demand: easy colour adding.
Nice to have is cross-platform versions for Windows, Mac, iOS.

I have asked on facebook for some propositions and there are 3:
Xmind Zen
And Mindly.
Which I am playing with now (you can see mindmaps for this retro bellow)
+I like how beautiful it is.
+ Setup of colour scheme is quite easy.
– But there is basically no tutorial.
– The ability to move a node from one branch to another is confusing and unreliable.
– No windows version.
I will play it for few more days so probably you will see it in my next post.

The second Experiment: SEO

I finally decided to work on SEO for my blog.
I had to edit quite a few posts cause they were SEO unfriendly. I have still not fixed.
I will share results of this experiment when I will finish.

The Keto Diet Experiment:

It was going well until Friday when I hadn’t any food prepared.
I need to find some emergency plan for days I can’t cook.
And probably buy some keto-stix to check if what I am eating is working.

State of the blog:

I have the facebook page for the blog:
Apparently to get „normal” URL I need to get 25 likes.
The SEO fixes cost me lots of time this week so there it delaying my post-production.
But I decided to put schedule:
15.03 – Next Flower
24.03 – Test integration Poll result.
Around 29.03 – Tech leaders sum up. (I am still waiting for leave confirmation so I can go to close up event)

And How did your week go?

Did you read something interesting? Or there are questions connected to testing that are on your mind?
What do you think about adding mind maps to the post?
Do you know some other Mindmap program I should add?


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