Retro of the week #17 Automation for Automation sake

On Sunday it will be the month since I came back in Poland I am still not fully unpacked, but I am operational.  And It means another weeks retro.  Including question about automation for automation sake.

The Question of the week:

How to help teams to setup goals for their automation?
I have seen little too much of automation for automation sake lately.

The Article of the week:

The idea of testers being similar to a scientist is not new to me hell I had the panel on this subject at test:fest (link)
So when I saw this in my feed I was really happy:

The Experiment of the week:

There was two. I went to Toastmasters to see what it is you can read more here.
And I was also trying to setup templates for posts in WordPress. So far it doesn’t work.

The Keto Diet Experiment.

I have returned to the drawing board. On Monday I am trying anew

State of the blog:

I have flowered in the works should be released next week.
And I have results of a survey I did to release. This one will take little longer to analyze and make lessons learned.

Also, I am looking for good health chair to my desk.
I have a standing desk, but sometimes I want to sit for a while.

And How did your week go?

Did you learn something useful? Or Read interesting article? Are there any questions haunting you?


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