Retro of the Week #7 The Automated Jedi of Net Neutrality

Pre Christmas moods start to sets in. Code freezes. Fewer and fewer people at work. And There is Net Neutrality debacle in America.

A question of the week:

What are tests worth automating? I think this is the hardest question in test automation. And so far I haven’t seen full, satisfying answer. But Answer for these two problems is the closest I have ever gotten to complete answer? What is your company Test Strategy? What Is goal of this automation project?

The Article of the week:

An article of the week: Second retro of the week featured „The Web Began Dying in 2014 here’s how.
And with this week Murder on American net neutrality, this article is worth revisiting cause its vision of the web is becoming more and more real with each day.

The Experiment of the week:

After my satisfaction with making metaphor based on Mini Metro.
I have discovered magnum opus – a game about making alchemical reaction as series of machines. I have to get into it more in-depth, but I think it maybe the excellent tool to teach the concept of programming before doing deep dive into the code.

The event of the week:

Of course net neutrality in America. I am leaving in Europe, and I have never been in America so one should say I shouldn’t even care.
But in reality, America is quite often the precursor for things to come in Europe and I am worried.

Also, Last Jedi Came out, and It is a really good movie(Still I Love force awakens more).
Plus Last Jedi had few amazing lines about teaching – to avoid spoilers the lines below are my paraphrases of those quotes.

„Teacher should not only teach skill and his wisdom. But also his Failure. Because Failure is the greatest Teacher.” And I do agree that why we leave now in a world of experience and FailFast cause you can learn most out of your mistakes and failures.

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