Retro of the week #9 – Feedback micro-services of green tea fudges on Test:fest

After a week of break, we go back to our regular series.
I’ve decided to keep incremental episode numeration. Mostly to confuse people that will see week #9 at the beginning of January. Let’s talk about micro-services.

The question of the week:
How to collect feedback? Last few conference and other events led me to think that current ways of collecting feedback are not working well. I am trying to figure out if there is a better way.
Currently, I am looking into ways of activation of users and gamification.

The Article of the week:
Testing Microservices, the sane way” this article is long but worth it.  I have experienced lots of the pains and issues that author is talking about. So I am looking for a solution to avoid them in future. This article is suggesting few not sure if I fully agree with the author, but I am will to give a try

The Experiment of the week:
I was trying to make green tea fudges (link )
The first attempt came out much too soft/creamy (it was more sauce the candy). Turns out not every chocolate is good for this. Fortunately, some old tricks worked. And I managed to save it.

It reminds me of test cases. No matter how good test case is, it is always possible to miss some vital piece of information. For example, we tend to assume that something is common knowledge. That test case becomes useless for anybody without insider knowledge.

The only way to salvage the testing season with such test is by experimenting and using your own experience. Ergo exploratory testing.

The event of the week:
Test: Fest (outstanding, free Polish conference) put few tickets on auction for charity. (here and here)

I have few articles in the oven. But a lot is happening in January, so I don’t want to commit to any hard date.

 If you want to read more weeks retros check here.

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  1. One Man

    Nice read – I agree with you on test cases. Finding the balance between a test case that is not descriptive enough as to not be understood and having a test case that is too descriptive and some information is missed out. One thing that has helped my company in aligning our mindset is that the goals of the test plan are reinforced regularly to the team. For example, in standups for what is being tested now, the whole team is reminded of what the goals are for the sprint and what are the benefits to the business if we achieve those goals. Also it’s important to know that some things just get missed out and we shouldn’t beat ourselves up with it, we’ll add it to how we approach the next plan and improve. We are human 🙂

    1. admin

      Thanks for your input.

      I like your idea! Yes, clear goals are important even for creating test cases and test plans.
      Personally, I am not a big fan of test cases. I believe that time spent on writing them could be used better for writing documentation, supplemented with test ideas.
      Documentation itself usually is useful for a much bigger group of people (Testers/Dev/Pos/support/maybe customers).

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