Retro of the week #3 Documentation

Not much to write I was working from home in Poland. And usually I am not a big fun of WFH, but this time it was quite fruitful time.

I was on test warez Wednesday to Friday – more coming soon.

Question of the week

What going on with cross-silo conferences? Question asked by RD in Testing Group on Facebook. I think he hit the point. I share quite a lot of his worldview on this point. That why I want to also present at Dev conferences and other than testing conferences.
This Question has an answer situation not as bad as I thought, but there is still lots to do.

The article of the week.

Two this time: Why recruiters can’t distinguish java from javascript? – I have suggested to the author to write about it cause I have seen this question asked too many times. I have worked with recruiters in past so I knew reasons for it but I never felt confident enough to answer it on my own. Now I can refer people to this article.

What nobody tells you about documentation

Lots of people read Agile Manifestos line “Working Software over Documentation” as “Working software over comprehensive documentation ” and they claim it is a reason not to do any. I don’t agree with that it leads to Tribal Knowledge sharing and this is a painful experience. That lead me to read this article because I was hoping for arguments to fight that mentality. Well, I’ve got something else much more worthwhile.

That all for this week.
Next post will be Relation from Testwarez!

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