Retro of the week 25: :”Seo Code Dog of AI context.”

Another week has passed. It’s time for next retro.

This week was different for me I’ve spent most of it leading workshops I was teaching how to write code and how to start automation.

Also since last Saturday, I have a dog: His name is Luis Luigi.

Picture of Luis my new dog.
Luis my new dog


Unfortunately, poor doggo is sick. After arriving at my home, he started having symptoms. It turns out Breeder forgot to inform me that Dog is suffering from Lamblias (let’s say it is a nasty type of larvae). Fortunately, it is quite easy to cure. But still, it costs me lots of nerve.

Retro 25 mind map

The Question of the week: How to efficiently teach coding?

My students were good, but I saw them struggling with some concepts that seem simple to me. And I am trying to figure out how to make the learning experience more pleasant.

My current idea I need to prepare more cheat sheets explaining simple concepts. Maybe I should also have spent a little more time showing them stuff before forcing them to do it.

And maybe before going to c#, it would be good to go to some fake language to build stuff from blocks…

The Article of the week:


I haven’t read anything worth mentioning this week. But last week I found an article written by my friend Noemi. About AI and testing. Since I have one article on this subject in my pipeline, I thought I would share her article first.

The Experiment of the week:

IT is not an experiment, but It has passed enough time since I did SEO changes to do some Early summary:
I don’t see a real difference: my weekly blog growth is still on the same path as it was before.

What does that mean? I was trying to make retros tittle SEO friendly.
But know I will return to the old naming convention:
One word was describing the article, another event, another experiment etc. And trying to make from it something silly.

So This week title is „Seo Code Dog of AI context.

The event of the week:

I was on WrotQA meetup. This time online presentation by Michel Bolton.
I wasn’t impressed, most of the things he said I have read or heard him say before. I think if you brought Bolton&Bach bingo with you for that meetup you would cross out all standards. Including Test cases are bad. Tools are useful but won’t replace us. AI is just a tool, Testing vs checking. Automation is not testing. Etc etc.
But I have to acknowledge that in the audience there were quite a few people for whom this was the entirely new concept.


And How did your week go?

Did you read something interesting? Or there are questions connected to testing that are on your mind?


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