Retro of the week 30 Testing cup of AI cars on LinkedIn 

Another week has passed. I was on the testing cup conference. Also I was attending the championship! And what is more important I wasn’t last! Which is a great success for me. But I think it is time to accept that I am no longer Tester, I am test developer now.

The Question of the week:  What can you do to prepare for environmental issues.

During testing cup – few of the rooms had terrible acoustics, so bad that I had difficulties to understand presenters are saying. And It leads me to question what can I do to prepare for such a situation? And that leads me to another question. What can I do to be able to test, When the environment is fighting against me?

The Article of the week:

It reminds me of Challenger crash and Chernobyl reactor issue. As described in What the Dog Saw: And Other Adventures . Such tragedies are consequences of many minor issues.

If emergency brakes weren’t disabled, or driver would be paying attention, or someone thought about checking if a car is able to identify people pushing bike not driving it. It is sad that that woman died, but so many people die in traffic accidents and I strongly believe in autonomous vehicles as a solution to this problem. Challange lies, in fact, we are not ready for it yet.

The Experiment of the week:

My LinkedIn wall lately is full of stuff i don’t want to see, creating it manualy wasn’t bringing good enough results. So I decided discontent from 50 accounts that were belonging to recruiters I don’t know personally.

I regret that I haven’t done statistics first, so it may be confirmation bias. But I think my feed looks better now.

State of the blog:

I am on holidays so next two week no content (maybe I will do some Pseudo retro next week).  After that, there will be 3 articles:  Relations from PMI Wrocław Conference, Relation from a Testing cup, and from Northern Ireland Developer Conference.

And How did your week go?

Did you read something interesting? Or there are questions connected to testing that are on your mind?

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