Retro of the week #4 – Men are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.

This week was recovery for me after Testwarez quite a lot things I am slowly finding my self in the new world.

The question of the week

How to make good notes? And How to implement habit of taking them? – This is a little spontaneous question cause I had a great one and I HAVEN’T WRITTEN IT DOWN! Lesson learned I need to improve my note taking skills.

The article of the week

This time it is not article but book. „Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.”  And this book is an eye-opener; I am 4 chapters in, and I already see that so much stuff I was miss understanding.
This book is mostly addressed to people in relationships, but I think there is a lot that Can also help work relations between men and women.


This week I was at Ministry of Testing Dublin meetup
Claudio Perrone was presenting his 'PopcornFlow.’ He was also on AgaileTD with the same subject When the video will be available I strongly recommend watching it. He changed the way I think about experiments.

Next, After lots of delays, I will finally put next flower:
Eta Tuesday Evening (GMT +0 timezone :P)

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