Testwarez 2017 – event report

That was my first Testwarez event- biggest Polish Testing Conference, This time in a Beautiful city of Torun.

First Day

First Day Started with Keynote from Michał Kujałowicz. Fun fact Michal was one of AAdays organizers, and he was announcing my Presentation there. This time he was talking about something close to my heart. How us offshore company get the trust of the customer to be able to do more of free reign and ownership of a product. I’ve seen so many times when head office didn’t trust its other offices and offshore companies. And this presentation made me hopeful that it can be changed.

Pawel’s Noga 'Testing Ai’

Then I was at two presentations about AI
One was the high overview by Bartlomiej Graczyk “AI – threat or chance” and second one Pawel Noga “Testing Artificial Intelligence”. Bartek had much better-presenting style. But Pawel Presentation had real Meat, and it improved my knowledge of AI word.

After Lunch Break, Agnieszka Kościuczyk “what with this assertion?” From all presentation I’ve seen, I think this one was most Technical. She was showing how to refactor code and how lousy code (assertions) can lead to a bunch of issues.


Agnieszka,  While fixing some test.

My blog was created with a goal of fighting with antipatterns in test automation. So obviously I liked this presentation. Agnieszka was stressed out, but still, it satisfied presentation.
Disclosure – I have worked in the past in same company as Agnieszka, I did help her with Call for papers response. So, I am Biased.


Next, there is an hour that I have no idea what I watched I know I was on something, but nothing in agenda seems right. I think it was because next presentation was mine and I was already there in my mind.

My room was half empty. But I’ve got good feedback from Kinga and Kamila. She also did some feedback collection during her networking. Thanks to her I know that Agenda and Title were weak. Thank you, Kamila, for feedback collection!

Kamila also made this beautiful sketch note from my talk! I like her work! She also has a blog!

Next, I went to Lukasz Pietrucha Panel. When I started going to conferences, I didn’t like panels. Now I think they are the best part of these events! It is free flow ideas from many sources like brainstorm session. My only problem is those events should have designated note taker because it is hard to take part in the discussion and make notes. (Fortunately, Kamila did an outstanding job on it check her twitter for sketch notes on her twitter!)

That was last event for me that day. After that, I finally have met my roommate. Another speaker Marek Puchalski. I am sad I didn’t go for his presentation, after talking with him I am convinced it would be entering, content heavy show.

Second Day

The second day started late for me; I have missed the first presentation. I must admit fact the title started with company name and It didn’t have agenda in-app made me … a little apathetic. I preferred to spend some time on networking.

Olga Budziszewska during Her presentation „Wolf scarier…”

Next, I went for presentation “Wolf Scarier than it looks – cybersecurity” (mine translation title is a wordplay on polish saying). It was the high overview of security in the current age. One of the most important quotes comes from this talk “Cybersecurity touches us all not only it but every person.”


Next on my menu was “From Tester to Quality monitoring.” I would summarise this presentation as overview how testing is changing. The author showed few statistics. Including the most important point from his performance: There is a high level of redundancy in Automated tests. There is one issue I have to highlight. I didn’t catch the source of his data and methodology which makes me a little skeptical (At least until I will do more research)

There was another presentation that I missed but from what I heard was great. Zen of performance Test.

Next, a solid series of discussion panel happened

Extra points for Kamila due to cosplaying!

One about KPI, metrics and their dark site. – I think it changes my point of view I see them as more useful now
Then Judge Kamila Mrozek made an exciting panel of the idea that Tester is a prosecutor in the criminal case of faulty software. Loved that I am so sad this panel wasn’t recorded it was my highlight of the Testwarez. And I was so into it that I didn’t do any notes! 🙁

Then there was a presentation by Dr. Hawaii about the power of optimism. I knew most of his material, but it was nice to remind myself. And I need to put some of this info into use. Example: there are no problem but challenges. Also, I have to check „The sevenday Mental Diet”.

Last, I went for Tomek Dubikowski. He talked about Gatling, but I went there mostly to observe seasoned presenter at work and to learn from him.

Overlay it was a pleasant event. I had better quite good luck while selecting tracks.

My biggest take away is Discussion Panels Are fun!

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