Retro of the week 28 – Bugs & Podcast and Ads

Another week has passed. Full of work.

The Question of the week: What type of Bugs should be caught by Integration testing?

I had an interesting discussion that kinda left me without arguments. What type of bugs are caught by integration testing? I had listed my few types. But Realy I wasn’t able to present an answer that was bulletproof.
I will have to spend more time thinking about what should be and how tested on Integration layer.
Ps sorry that I am not saying more about argument used in the discussion but I can’t find my notes.

The Article of the week:

Not really article more like list:
That list of podcast came to my attention month or more ago. But I finally had time to take a closer look. Now I need to somehow find time to listen to them

The Experiment of the week:

I was testing how ads on Facebook work. And how the reflect on the blog.
And well as much as it was most view week on my blog.
I am curious if those like will translate in any new readers.

State of the blog:

This week I will be at PMI conf. Somewhere in next few weeks, you can expect so relation from that event. And Probably post-mortem of my workshop.

Then probably I will be on Holidays from 31st May to 11 June – so it is possible I won’t do any retros in those weeks

And How did your week go?

Did you read something interesting? Or there are questions connected to testing that are on your mind?


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