Retro or the week #6 VS2017 performance update

And yet again we are the week closer to end of the year. Which means I am slowly preparing to do whole year retro.

The Question of the week is: How to teach programming.

I am a mentor in Tech leaders program [link], and I also have your SDET on my team. Both are competent and learn fast. So I am struggling with finding the best approach to let them grow quickly. So far I think the best idea is to be strict in code review and explain all the issues I see and suggest improvement. The only problem is that is not good when I notice an actual architectural issue in their code.
As always if someone has some good advice I am open to hearing them. That the main reason why I write here down questions that haunts me.

The Article of the week is:

I am not going to spoil here why. I have another post in the oven that will come tomorrow.

The experiment of the week:

There were few. But one that I want to share is this new update to Visual Studio 2017, in theory, makes loading faster.
I did try it. But I did define load a little different then ms.
For me, the solution is loaded when I can start working on it so not only I see solution explorer, but I can also open few files. Without it hanging. With that kind of criteria, I haven’t noticed much of the difference for the largest solution I have to use.
In both cases, opening time was averaging to two minutes.
Granted it is not real scientific experiment. I made only five attempts before and after installing updated, and my VS 2017 have few plugins.
So it says nothing about the performance of IDE, in general, it only means that this performance update for me is making no difference.

The event of the week

When performing Technical Interviews I like is to give feedback to Interviewees. What was right and what he/she can improve.
This week I was pleasantly surprised by SoftServe. I have learned that SoftServe is providing detailed feedback as part of their recruitment process.
Huge Bravo for them.

If you would like to read more weeks retros you can check it here.

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