January Blog update – Events, Posts and other

I am trying to do something different this year.
I want to post at the end of each month some small blog update about my activity this month and plans for next.

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Let’s Start the Blog Update


At first glance, January may seem a lazy month for me:

I wrote a small program as part of my challenge. I didn’t write any real blog posts on my blog.
But I have released experimental video. – And here is the devil in detail I as poor quality as it is. It cost me a lot of effort. I plan to do 5 of them as a pilot to see if this is for me. So if you have any feedback, I will welcome it:)

I also had my post on other sides:


Do you remember the series about tool research I started long ago and never finished? I did it more comprehensive (And finished) version for TestProject blog. That was my first blog post for which I was hired. So I hope you will show them some love! Maybe they will ask me to write something more.
The thing I love about TestProject is that one of their core values is Community.
You can find the article here.

Methods and Tools

My magnum-opus – „So you want to automate?” Was republished as one long article on Methods and Tools newsletter. Look at the copyright this page exists for 25 years! I am really honoured that such long-existing zin took notice of my articles.

Objectivity Blog

This happened in the last days of 2019, but my blog post Summing up work of my Community was published after my end of the year retrospective, so I haven’t mentioned it here. I am still proud of its members!

So What coming next?

February will be busy.
The month starts with WrotQA meetup which will be held at Objectivity Wroclaw Office – a company I work for.
Here is the thing it this time I am a support person. I won’t have any talks that night, but a college of mine Janek Kędzierski will be doing a presentation.
Janek Last year became Junior Automation Quality Engeenier, and he will be talking about the herculean effort he put into this transition.
I am especially happy cause after he made this talk on my internal Community. I was actively pushing for him to do it outside of our company. So you can imagine how happy I am that this will happen.

Few they later I am going to Koszalin – I will be doing a workshop basics of C# + Selenium for one of the local companies.

And then Conferences stars
I will be talking about „How selenium finds elements” at Selenium Camp. Here is the scariest thing the main developer of Selenium will be there. So I am a little nervous.

Then I will be on Testfest.
I, JavaGirl, and DevOwls will share the stage in Experts panel about automation. This will be fun!

Blog update done! That is all!

I have some plans for my blog – like layout change. But I don’t want to setup deadline

Thank you for reading!

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