Retro of the week #26 0- Healthy Rider of microservices

This is 26 retro of the week. Which means I am doing this series for the half year know. To celebrate, I will release this Monday collection of all articles that made to „Article of the week” section of the Retros.

My dog sleeping in bed bunk
That is no teddy bear this is my dog Luis sleeping

But for now we will ponder our health, we will again talk about microservices.

The Question of the week: Is it worth to sacrifice health for success?

I have listened to JoeRogan podcast with Mathew Walker (Ep 1109) author of Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams. About the importance of sleep.
And it made me think we live in a world when Fit is now trendy.
But we also live in a world where we listen, and we try to model our life after people of success. And what they do? Sleep short hours, work late into the night. Did you know that lack of sleep is dangerous? It affects our health. But do you know what the worst part? We are not aware of it from our subjective standpoint we think we are fine we are not noticing the degradation in performance.
So my question? Is it worth to sacrifice our life for success?
I am an atheist, which means I believe this life is all that we have. Is it worth to go the extra mile if that extra mile in longterm pushes me closer to the grave?

The Article of the week:

Due to work, I had the pleasure of revisiting Cindie’s article about testing microservices. Maybe it is cheating cause I’ve already posted this article but I think that all.

The Experiment of the week:

I am spending more and more time on mac. So I was comparing visual studio for mac with JetBrains Rider.
And the fact that ReSharper is not working with mac vs and rider has it implemented makes me think about changing my ReSharper licence for Rider license.

State of the blog:

There will be two articles next week.
And I’ve decided to make a change from May I will be releasing at least six articles per month – 4 retros and two articles. from time to time there will be one bonus article but not too often.

And How did your week go?

Did you read something interesting? Or there are questions connected to testing that are on your mind?

 If you want to read more weeks retros check here.

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  1. Thetestlynx

    So true about sleep deprivation ? but also, in my opinion, is not worthwhile: We work worse when we are tired, so then we need to work longer, we then need to reduce more sleep, we are more tired… I’m all up for planning efficiently your day instead. I get more stuff done this way and waste less productive time and enjoy more my breaks.

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